What you will learn

Aikido teaches you a number of useful skills, on and off the mat.


Defending holds

If someone is holding or pulling you, Aikido has a method to use their energy and grip to your advantage.


Defending strikes

Punches and strikes to the head and body can be dealt with using a range of aikido techniques.



Aikido has many throws, that are useful to put your attacker to the ground. You will learn to fall and roll safely and comfortably.



Aikido has a range of pins, that are useful to immobilise an attacker until reinforcements arrive, or the attacker has given up.


Weapon disarms

You will learn how to disarm attackers using knifes, swords and wooden staffs. In class wooden alternatives are used for safety.


Weapon techniques

You will learn techniques with the bokken (wooden sword) and jo (wooden staff), along with kata (patterns), and paired sequences.


Self discipline & perseverance

Many will know that self-discipline and perseverance are the key to success in any field. Aikido is the perfect platform to develop these skills, and rewards hard work and persistence.


Improved balance & posture

As your training progresses, you will become fitter and more flexible, with better balance and coordination.


Japanese etiquette

You will develop an insight into the Japanese etiquette and tradition that accompanies budo (Japanese martial arts).